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MUNICH Shoemakers Since 1939

Berneda, three generations dedicated to shoemaking. From sports shoes to the dream of high fashion.
It all started in 1939. It was just after the end of the Spanish Civil War when this small shoemaking firm started production in Sant Boi de Llobregat, part of the urban area of Barcelona city. The project started with all the illusion of a family totally committed to professional shoe manufacturing. The motivation and sacrifice of the grandfather Berneda, was quickly rewarded by his prompt arrival at the summit of the shoemaking industry.
After ten years of consolidation, the Berneda family decided to specialise in technical sporting shoes. The path which they had followed in this sector of the industry encouraged them to make a decision which definitively changed the direction of the business into unknown territory. It was in 1953 when the Berneda brothers launched themselves into the adventure of the athletics world and they did not delay long in reaching the summit and becoming pioneers in the production of sporting shoes and sneakers in Spain.
During 1964 another great change arrived. BERNEDA S. A., after considering various choice of name, decided in favour of MUNICH. In addition, it was in this moment in time that the “X” of MUNICH, the distinctive trademark of the range, began to appear stamped on each shoe.
In the ‘80s, the boom in Spain for indoor football began, and the Spanish quickly became a reference at world level for this sport. The Berneda brothers saw their opportunity and did not let the chance of producing a special shoe for the sport escape them. Their GOAL model was their masterstroke and quickly became the leader in the market. As time passes, this model has become the star product of the MUNICH company.
At the start of year 2000, MUNICH makes another fundamental and strategic decision. It re-designs it’s GOAL range and transforms indoor football into streetwear. In this manner, MUNICH creates a solid base in the world of fashion.
After long months of research and much studying of technical sketches, MUNICH launches the GOAL range, which quickly becomes a trendsetter and arrives at all of the major international fashion outlets. Due to strong demand, it became necessary to create new designs and models in it’s streetwear collection. Each new model was inspired by its star products in the sporting range.


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