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In 1986 Silvio Fiorello, Sociologist and fashion lover, decided to open a ties and mens accessories company with his wife Carmela, in a small Sicilian village called Gagliano Castelferrato. The opening of the company represented the realization of his ideas and beliefs related to the problem of Sicilian Immobility.

The Fiorello spouses starting a company based on an ideology and from a small Sicilian village see their products appreciated and sold to the best boutiques worldwide.

The company is still based in Gagliano Castelferrato that, with its beautiful landscape, becomes a daily inspiration. Antiquity and fashion, the old and the new, love for one’s roots and the innovation in the way of working and building a company, all these concepts are a frame to the creative masterpiece that Silvio Fiorello as a brand represents.




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